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Angular sash brush made with 100% black Chinese bristle. For use with oil-based finishes. Suited for heavy-duty, oil-based trim jobs. Available in 4 sizes. (See Product Details)

Superangular is an angular sash brush made from 100% black Chinese bristle, the preferred natural bristle for oil-based finishes.  With a flat sash handle, Superangular is a thicker and longer bristle version of Thinangle.  Superangular is the ideal brush for big trim jobs.  It will hold and deliver paint as only Chinese bristle can do. 

Size Price Thickness Bristle Length
1 1/2" $11.24 1/2" 2 1/2"
2" $13.06 9/16" 2 3/4"
2 1/2"   Discontinued  
3"   Discontinued  
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This brush accomplished something I had thought impossible. It actually inspired my husband to clean a paint brush for the first time in his life.rnrnWe are not pros but we have done a lot of painting on projects over the years. My husband paints in good clothes because it is trouble to change and he says he is going to be careful. I throw away lots of clothes.rn rnIn the 40-odd years I can vouch for he had NEVER cleaned a paint brush. He wrapped them in plastic or sat them in water saying he was coming right back or would certainly clean them later. I throw away lots of brushes.rnrnHe was setting out to paint outside trim on the house with a good oil-base Benjamin Moore paint; against my better judgment I gave him this brush, the 2 1/2"; he knew a friend had recommended it and he wanted to try it; without any hope I cautioned him to take good care of it. rnrnAfter some time passed I realized he was no longer painting; I went to find the brush so I could clean it and unbelievably there it was looking pretty fresh and clean and hanging up to dry! I took it down and gave it a hard look and sure enough, it was not as clean as it ought to be so I did work on it a bit more and went in and gave him lavish praise for his cleaning. He said it was the best brush he ever used and he wanted to be sure it stayed in good shape!rnrnHe has used it and cleaned it several more times (I always check after him and he is actually getting better.) rnrnAll he needed was a brush he wanted to hang on to.

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