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Oxford is a varnish and enamel brush made with 80% Chinese bristle and 20% ox hair - for use with oil-based finishes. An excellent choice for varnishes, enamels and other fine finishes. Available in 7 sizes. (See Product Details)

Introduced in 1952, Oxford continues to be one of our most popular brushes with professional painters who value a perfect finish.  This is a varnish and enamel brush, made with 80% golden, Chinese bristle and 20% ox ear hair.  Oxford combines the paint carrying qualities of natural bristle, with the smooth finish only ox hair can produce.  It has a round, pencil-style handle, making it easy to maneuver.   If you are after a smooth, flawless finish, this is the brush to use.  (Oxangle is the angular brush companion to Oxford.)

Size Price Thickness Bristle Length
1" $12.13 7/16" 2 1/8"
1 1/2"   Discontinued  
2"   Discontinued  
2 1/2"   Discontinued  
3"   Discontinued  
3 1/2"   Discontinued  
4" $49.75 13/16" 3 3/4"
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I have used this brush along with the Oxangle many times in the past. They are simply the best. Very soft, last a long time, and great for stain and varnish work. Recently begun doing a lot of fiberglass doors and these apply the Gel stains perfectly. A second brush on hand then takes off excess and leaves a great finish. Not many stores sell these quality oil brushes any more. For the pros you can't find a better brush.

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