Customer Comments

What brush is this?

We received a photo (box on left) from a customer asking us to identify one of our paint brushes.  It was a Nyangle brush.  Here is what she said:

Ny                 "Attached picture of the brush, best I have ever used. I hope you can identify it, it was only used with latex paints. Thank you."  Maryan.

P.S. She bought two more Nyangle brushes

Discounts for Contractors

long-time customer recently contacted us through our website.  We responded with information about our Contractor Discount program which he did not know about.  He sent us this response:

"Thanks for your note. I will use the discount next time I purchase some brushes.  I met Doug Rose (our founder) at a trade show some years ago and he actually sent me some Oxana brushes, which we use for our gilding work. I have bought PBC brushes several times to use and they are by far the best I have ever used. I look forward to buying more as need dictates."
Michael Kramer, The Gilders' Studio, Inc.

ne of our long-time painting contractor customers recently made his first website purchase before he realized that he needed a discount code to get the contractor price. He contacted us and asked if we would reprice his order. We repriced the order, sent him a check for the difference and issued him a discount code.  He sent us the following note:  

"Hey Doug, thanks for doing that.  I've owned several of your brushes over the years.  They are the best by far.  Thanks, Jorn."
Jorn Bliemann, Innovation Rennovations

If you are a painting contractor, send us an email and we will issue you your own discount code.