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New York Times Makes It Official

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The venerable New York Times has recently told us what we’ve known for years:  it is possible to compete with low-cost Chinese paint brush manufacturers and survive.  According to the Times story, U.S. brush makers have survived by adopting one of two strategies:  1) keep producing high quality paint brushes using time-tested methods or 2) innovate.

We’re sorry the Times  didn’t talk with us for the story because we believe it isn’t an either/or proposition.  We’re doing both - producing hand-made paint brushes using

Gold Medal

traditional methods (and yes, in some cases age-old equipment as the Times notes) and we are innovating.  For example, the new tapered polyester filaments appearing in high-end brushes were developed first in our factory.  Our Crest, Zenith and Bellringer brushes all contain the new filaments.  And our entire Parts Brush Division came from innovations we made in brush making.

In an ironic postscript to the story, we received an email from Australia at the same time we saw the Times story.  An Australian wrote to us to explain why he made the unusual effort to purchase paint brushes through our website at

“By the way, if you are wondering why I would be ordering these brushes all the way from the USA it's because I cannot find any quality brushes locally.  Not even any Australian online local paint supply shops have the same quality as I could find in USA shops.”

Considering that China is relatively close neighbor to Australia and a strong trading partner, we’re pleased to learn that when it comes to quality, we’re still ahead.

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Choosing the right brush for do-it-yourself painters

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Confused about what brush to use on your next job. Then check out the article on our Website “Choosing the right brush.” The right brush can make all the difference in how your paint job will look when you are finished.

Want a smooth flawless look on those kitchen cabinets? Use a soft brush with fine bristles.  Painting trim or into corners? Use an angled brush. As we explain in the article, the rules are pretty simple.

So, before you start your next painting job, look over your brushes and pick the one that matches the job.  If you’re not sure, “Choosing the right brush” can help.

Note:  This blog post is the first in a new How To category on our blog.  From time to time we will be adding How To blog posts.  If you have suggestions or would like to contribute one, send us an email.

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Free Shipping on paint brush orders of $100 and over

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Paint Brush Corporation has instituted a new shipping policy on its website  Paint brush orders of $100 or over will now be shipped for free.  The new policy reflects the growing trend among online stores to offer free shipping on higher value purchases.  The new policy takes place immediately.

“Most of the large purchases on our website are from painting contractors,” said Doug Johnson, Vice President of Paint Brush Corporation.  “We wanted a way to offer additional value to contractors making large purchases.  Free shipping is how we chose to do it.”

Shipping charges for orders under $100 will be two-tiered.  Orders up to $50 will be shipped for $6.95.  Orders between $50 and $100 will ship for $7.95.

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The art of mural painting

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Luis De La Torre knows art.  Stroll through the virtual gallery on his elegantly designed website and you come away with a feeling of sheer talent – lots of it.


Mr. De La Torre is also generous.  He shares his talent with the students at Spry Community Links High School on the southwest side of Chicago, where he conducts painting workshops for students in the after school Art Club.  His latest project is a mural, painted by aspiring student artists.  Paint Brush Corporation was pleased to help with a donation of paint brushes for the student artists.

The school principal Francisco Borras approached Mr. De La Torre about painting a mural after seeing his work with the Art Club.  The idea was to give students education in painting techniques in a real world setting.


“I organize these projects so that the young Artists can take the initiative with developing and producing the murals,” wrote Mr. De La Torre in an email.  “I find the students start taking ownership of the project and begin to believe that they are capable of painting and creating Art. This practice has led to students not only getting real experience at making Art but they also begin excelling in their academics.”

Congratulations to Mr. De La Torre and the students working on the project who include , Ruby Ramirez, Guadalupe Garcia, Sylvia P. Munoz, Alfredo Aquilar, Efren Anaya, Ashley Andrande, Hugo Minon and Eduardo Ruiz.

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